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I hold space for those who are...

an illustration of a woman with a low battery in a thought bubble - experiencing burnout - - image for dr becky reno east bay alchemy practice

Experiencing burnout

Listen – we have all heard ad nauseam that we are living in unprecedented times. We’re collectively experiencing late-stage capitalism, a global pandemic, and increased open hostility and violence against so many groups… I could go on, but the point is that burnout has become all but normalized. I get it — becoming numb can sometimes be the easier short-term route to get through the day. The problem is you can’t cut out the suffering without also losing the joy. Let’s work together to find a way to tap back into your full experience so that we might begin to imagine what can be — personally and collectively.

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Working toward racial justice & equity

After 20 years of working to dismantle structural racism and the patriarchy, I didn’t simply wake up one day to realize that I had swallowed the same water I was treading. I suffered from intense burnout, sought out therapy and life coaching, and came to understand how the system is purposely designed to burn out those who rail against it. It was NOT easy (underworld journeys never are)! But through it I uncovered a commitment to build a bridge for my fellow advocates. This is why I am here, ready to support my fellow social change agents in whatever way you need.

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In life transitions

Modern cultures lack ceremonies to honor and support individuals through life transitions. Instead of waxing poetic about the loss of this (don’t get me started), I am committed to supporting you through your transition. Seriously, changes can be really, really hard — from those changes you really wanted to the ones that life threw at you anyway. I’ve found this to be true in breakups, starting and finishing graduate programs, getting married, becoming a mother (three times over), changing careers, and most recently in midlife. Literally nearly every life transition has been rough. But…and hear me out here…they can also be amazing. That middle part though — between the caterpillar and the butterfly (the goo)…that’s where I’ve got you. I will create a container that honors where you’ve been, sits with you through the difficult bits, and celebrates your emergence.

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Integrating wisdom from plant medicine journeys

Our co-evolution alongside plant medicine has long been a source of psychological exploration and spiritual growth. The recent expansion has made it more accessible and acceptable, but we’re just starting to catch up with recognizing how invaluable it is to work with someone dedicated to ensuring those lessons are fully integrated. If you are planning or have recently experienced a plant medicine journey, and would like support on ensuring that wisdom is carried forward into your life, let’s talk.

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Seeking personal growth and spiritual expansion

Nurturing our spiritual self is so integral to our overall wellbeing, and yet it is so often overlooked or left out of the traditional therapeutic relationship (not to mention mainstream society). I can support your quest for personal growth and spiritual expansion in a number of ways, from helping you identify and tap into your source of the sacred, to exploring practices that support feelings of groundedness, interconnectedness, and beyond. No matter where you are on your spiritual path, if this speaks to you I will meet you there, and I welcome your whole self – mind, body, and spirit.

I may be a good therapist for you if…

You’re looking for an opportunity to co-create the space (think guided meditations, activities, ritual, somatic movement, occasional out of session work/play).

You feel ready for a change, and are committed to making it happen, but are not quite sure of the next right step.

You feel stuck in traditional talk therapy and are hoping to see changes reflected in your life.

You appreciate, or are open to blended therapeutic approaches (e.g., somatic, ecotherapy, dream work).

Have some inkling (no matter how small) of your own power to create the kind of life you’re excited to live.

There’s only one way to find out! Please contact me.