Contact Me

illustration of a bird escaping its cage - image for dr becky reno east bay alchemy practice
If you are always
trying to be normal
you will never know
how amazing you can be.

- Maya Angelou

Please reach out.

Believe me, I get it. Looking for or contacting a therapist may be…well, a lot.

And yet – it’s everything.

If you’re curious about whether we might be a good fit, please reach out. We’ll schedule a time for a brief conversation where we explore what brings you to therapy, I’ll let you know more about my approach and what a session might look like, and I can answer any questions you might have. If we’re not the right fit or it’s not the right time, I wholeheartedly support you in continuing to search until you find it.

As the proverb goes – the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Let this be that step.