About Me

This is a path we were never meant to walk alone.

I’m a bit of a Renaissance woman with an inherent love of learning (I have three graduate degrees and am working on my fourth).

I am innately good at listening beyond words, drawing connections between ideas, and supporting others to find their voice and embody their purpose. I put these skills into practice to advance macro-level change as a racial justice researcher for more than 20 years. I came to realize that if every one of us could recognize the harmful ways we’re impacted by our social arrangements (racism, extractive capitalism, patriarchy, etc.) and create a life in connection, we could begin to heal – ourselves, our communities, and the natural world.

While healing is always possible, I believe there are certain times when we’re more open to it. This may be during a life transition (e.g., transition to parenthood or midlife ‘crisis’), when we’re experiencing burnout, or in a time of spiritual crisis. How do I know this? Because I’ve lived it myself – more than once. I know how deeply difficult this work is, and I know how transformative it can be. This is a path we were never meant to walk alone- there is power in the community of women. If we both feel in alignment, I would be honored to walk alongside you on your journey.

our souls
will not be soothed
by what we achieve
how we look
or all the hard work we do
even if we managed to
make all the money in the world
we’d be left feeling empty for something
our souls ache for community
our deepest being craves one another
we need to be connected
to feel alive
- Rupi Kaur
illustration of women holding hands in a circle - image for dr becky reno east bay alchemy practice